Sartin Service’s forward thinking and innovation launched the idea of a mobile evacuation facility into reality. And Sartin doesn’t stop there; we have an ongoing commitment to innovation.

MAB® as a unit
The MAB® is designed to treat large numbers of people and transport them on one vehicle. This eliminates the need for multiple ambulances on scene and strengthens the entire Emergency Management Program.

Every MAB® is custom designed. Therefore, the possibilities are endless when it comes to options and configuration. (Take a virtual tour of two MAB® units)

A few examples of innovative design ideas from our customers include: bathrooms/showers inside the bus, bathroom/shower tents installed on the side of the bus for decontamination, canteen (large coffee makers, microwave, sinks), storage closets, windows, and special communication set-ups including satellite systems.

Each MAB® vehicle easily converts into a rehab unit by removing stretchers. The stretchers can be removed within a matter of seconds, which gives access to the flip-down seats mounted along the wall.

Technologies that make a difference

Wireless Vital Signs Monitors – The WVSM is a small, patient-worn device that automatically monitors NIBP, SpO2 and 3 lead (Lead II) ECG. The WVSM weighs approximately one pound and velcros directly to the BP cuff. All patient vitals streamed via a direct wireless connection to a computer, tablet or smart device. Up to twenty (20) WVSMs can be synced with a centralized computer enabling the real-time monitoring of up to 20 patients within 900 linear feet of a MAB®.

Radio Communication System – allows paramedics the ability to communicate with each other on the bus and with other EMS units and hospitals.

Lighting -state-of-the-art LED lighting throughout entire bus.

IV holders – at each stretcher section.

Suction Pumps – are available.

Portable Ventilators
– are available.

Privacy Curtain – curtain located behind the driver’s wall enables patient privacy and prevents glare during night driving for the driver.

Oxygen System (PATENTS PENDING)- A dual large oxygen storage and distribution system provides a long term supply of oxygen. Each patient and attendant has an individual metered oxygen outlet. Eight large oxygen tanks are mounted in sliding oxygen tank cradle assemblies that slide in and out for ease of maintenance or changing of tanks. The oxygen system can also be connected to a permanent source such as a hospital or hooked to a liquid source. The oxygen system is installed by NFPA 99/ASSE/ASSME certified personal.

Climate Control – All MAB® are equipped with four (4) rooftop A/C units, each are individually controlled allowing for personalized comfort needs. This is essential for MAB®s working in Southern states. Each rooftop A/C is 13,500 BTU creating 54,000 BTU total for the (4) rooftop A/C. Baseboard heaters are also provided for the vehicles which is a crucial element for Northern and Midwest states.

Rear Air Bag Dump Feature – This feature lowers the rear of the bus 6″ to allow easier loading and unloading patients.

Patient Loading Ramp – The ramp is conveniently stored in its own compartment under the bus; it easily slides in and out for ease of use. To add to its convenient features, the ramp can be positioned at various height levels to better accommodate the loading or unloading needs of medical personnel. Our ramp width is 48″ and is equipped with handrails on each side, which makes for safe access for patients.

Rear Raised Door Leaf/Rear Flip Door – This innovation allows paramedics to load and unload patients at an upright position through a rear door that has a 6’2″ clearance.

Winch – A winch is installed to assist with bariatric patients. The winch allows these patients to be loaded and unloaded on the ramp at a controlled speed. The ramp and winch innovation work in conjunction to make the moving of these patients safe and painless, for patient and care providers alike. Special tie downs are provided to secure these patients during transport.

Emergency Treatment Station and Stretcher System (US Patent No.: US 8104814 and 8366167) – Our patented sliding stretcher system allows patients to be carried into the vehicle and placed onto the sliding stretcher assembly. The sliding stretcher assemblies are then slid into a locked position to prevent movement of patients during transport. The sliding stretcher system also provides an easier transfer of patients from Strykers to the stretchers.  The stretcher slide mechanism also allows paramedics large amount of space to treat patients and also allows paramedics easier access to the patients.

Stretcher Mounting System – The stretcher mounting system allows up to three stretchers to be stacked per section. Within each section, each stack is evenly spaced from the floor.

Stainless Steel Stretcher Tray Assembly – As the customer, you may elect to include the stainless steel stretcher tray assembly. These trays collect any body fluids before they can fall on the patient below. Each tray has a hose connection for ease of clean up.

Storage and Stations – The MAB® has a large amount of storage space throughout the vehicle. The paramedic station, overhead cabinets, and stainless steel medical equipment boxes are custom manufactured for each customer’s exact needs.

Generator – A 20 KW generator provides 100 amp service to interior and exterior outlets for use of medical equipment. The generator compartment is located in front of rear wheels on the driver’s side. The compartment is lighted with LED lights and has a slide out feature that allows easier access for service work. A wide range of generator sizes is available.

Electrical Service – 12V and 110V outlets are located throughout the vehicles for medical equipment power.

Electrical Shoreline – A shoreline electrical connection is provided on the exterior of the MAB® to allow connection to existing power sources. This feature allows the vehicle to remain connected to external power sources for an unlimited amount of time.

Wheel Chair Tie Down – The wheel chair track is installed on the floor throughout the entire bus. This creates space to transport up to 12 wheelchairs. The patient loading ramp establishes a quicker and easier wheelchair loading process. Once the wheelchairs are in the vehicle, they are secured with wheelchair tiedowns. The MAB® is designed to allow multi uses: Wheelchairs, stretchered patients, and ambulatory seated patients. All of these can be transported at the same time.

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