Sartin Services. Driven to Save Lives.

Sartin Services. Driven to Save Lives.

Sartin Services, Inc., designs and manufactures custom state-of-the-art ALS emergency response buses that can transport up to 20 stretchered patients, 24 ambulatory patients and 10 patients in wheelchairs. In 2007, the first seven Medical Ambulance Buses, or MAB® units, were built for the National Capitol Region of Washington, DC. Today, Sartin Services' MAB® units are supporting emergency response fleets all over the United States.

Along with building brand new MAB® units, Sartin Services specializes in custom bus conversions including Medical Ambulance Buses, Mobile Command Centers and Rehab Vehicles.

Inside A Sartin Services MAB® Unit
Our buses are integral to any mass casualty response plan; evacuating hospitals or nursing homes, responding to school and tour bus accidents, treating heat-related issues at marathons or other large public events, response to natural disasters or large scale accidents, the rehab of firefighters or as an on-site command center.
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AMBUS (Medical Ambulance Bus) from SAFD Fire Training Academy on Vimeo.

Revolutionizing Response, Rescue and Rehab
Sartin Services is changing the industry with our new Emergency Support Unit (ESU) specifically designed for firefighter rehabilitation. This state-of-art first responder rehab unit features a patent-pending design and is a vital addition to any emergency services fleet during a sustained response situation.
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