Emergency Support Unit – Fire Rehab

Emergency Support Unit – Fire Rehab

Firefighter rehabilitation deserves more than a tent and folding chairs. Sartin Services’ new Emergency Support Unit (ESU) (Patent Pending) is specifically designed and outfitted to provide the highest level of firefighter rehabilitation. This state-of-art first responder rehab unit features a patent-pending design and is a vital addition to any emergency services fleet during a sustained response situation.

Our Emergency Support Unit features an ALS ambulance compartment built into the vehicle along with enough room to treat up to 32 rehab patients. Each seat has its own oxygen supply. Emergency response personnel can rehab in our climate-controlled environment with access to amenities such as a canteen with hot and cold running water, a full-sized bathroom with sink, a microwave, coffee makers and a full-sized refrigerator.

There is a NFPA® certified SCBA bottle fill station, which includes a pass-through, plus a Wireless Vital Signs Monitoring system for up to 20 firefighters.

Setting up staging areas outside of the vehicle is easy with 21-foot awnings that extend from both sides of the unit. And the entire ESU is powered by a 20KW generator.

Sartin Services has delivered the future of firefighter and first responder rehabilitation.